Corporate Uniform for Front Office

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Front office Uniforms with customized corporate print. Signature uniform designed for Maybank Singapore by Modoleen.

Inner blouse in wrinkle free material with subtle trim.

Front line uniforms are tailored by made to measure and standard size, depending on your needs and requirement.

As we aim to provide a signature branding look, we specially designed a fabric print for Maybank. The print includes their corporate honey yellow color, combined with neutral grays in a modern motif. This corporate print is then used subtly as trims to add that signature uniform touch.

In this way, uniform remains distinctive, modern, yet not over-done.

Corporate fabric print is 100% customizable, and printed specifically to each individual company if required. Fabric designing is an art of its own, which we create after carefully studying branding guide.

Jacket style features an under panel in the corporate trim, which complements the ivory colored blouse. Both pieces are semi-fitted for a comfortable, yet smart look, allowing operation movement.

The material is of medium weight, suitable for summer weather, comfy and wrinkle free.

We provide a wide range of materials in a wide array of colors. Depending on your needs and corporate branding, we will offer the best suited combination.