About us

Modoleen is the leading uniform designer and supplier in Singapore. Our company is proudly women-led for 3 decades and continues the belief of supplying unique quality uniforms to multiple industries.


Incorporated since 1989, Modoleen has been a mainstay in the uniform industry as the leading design house in Singapore and abroad.

We create signature looks that captures the branding image of each business, signature uniform work wear infused with both style and function.

The company’s value in quality has never faltered and has always strive to provide uniforms that are both durable, aesthetically pleasing and in tune with current trends.

We continue to persevere in providing quality corporate wear for companies across the globe.


Modoleen was created by our founder Mrs. Sim as an aspiring 21-year-old in 1989. She believed uniforms are so much more than just a workwear.

Every design Modoleen created since has always combined style with function to make represent the best of businesses and their employee.

Mrs. Sim continues to persevere Modoleen’s reputation in Singapore’s uniform industry as a uniform company known for unique designs.

Mrs. Sim
Founder of Modoleen Singapore


Modoleen Today Uniform Designs

Singapore’s leading uniform design house and supplier continues to aspire to help brands with completing a fully rounded corporate image.

Modoleen The Next Generation
  • The Next Generation

    The company continues to flourish with a second generation of daughters helming the reins with fresh ideas, bringing fashionable wear into Singapore’s uniform industry.

Uniform Industry Trends
  • Industry Trends

    Uniform consistency in quality, comfort and durability will be maintained through emerging technology and techniques.

Modoleen Uniform Design and Workmanship
  • Upholding Workmanship

    Modoleen prides itself in being known for its aesthetical design, while never compromising on quality of materials, workmanship and customer service.

Modoleen’s dedicated team of professionals ensures every employee represents the crafted signature look in the uniforms they wear with pride. Our customer service and skilled stylists are always on hand to service every organisation uniform needs.