Corporate Business Suit Jacket work wear


A classic business blazer updated with a sleek neckline style.

Paired with an elegant, timeless blouse with a slim sash-tie at neckline.

The uniform styling is professional, smart and elegant, suitable for corporate frontline. We recommend either a 3-piece suit of a jacket, inner blouse and pants or skirt. Or, a 2 piece suit of dress and jacket can also be worn for a more feminine look.

Either way, a business blazer is a must, as it empowers the individual and is a key stone of corporate wear.

Colors of charcoal grey and ivory is paired together as both warm shades are neutral, and complements each other.

This is an example of corporate wear styling that can be worn by women across all shapes and sizes.

At Modoleen we strive to fine tune formal wear and update styles to keep corporate wear updated.

Keeping uniform styles to modern day trends are key to maintaining relevance in the urban landscape.

We offer full customization of uniforms, catering to your needs and preferences when we design your uniforms. We work by understanding your needs first, then come up with key ideas and styles that can be worked with.

Uniform design proposals follow after, in the form of design illustrations.

Contact us if you are looking for something similar to the above, or, come to us with your needs and we will propose a unique style for your company.

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