Corporate Dress for Front Liners


Chic, fitted dress for front line staff fronting banks and commercial concierges.

Modern dress tailored as a customized uniform by Modoleen for Maybank Singapore.

In providing a professional, smart look that would fit a wide diversity of staff, we kept to a main dress color in black. Corporate signature was added in the form of a slim neckline trim, providing an elegant and unique look.

The signature branding look was achieved by specially designing a fabric print for Maybank. The print plays on their corporate honey yellow color, combined with neutral greys in a modern motif. This corporate print is then used subtly as trims to add that signature touch.

In this way, uniform remains distinctive, modern, yet not over-done.

In order to dress the wide group of over 150 female staff, we supply uniforms in a wide range of standard sizes from XS to 3XL. We also provided made to measure tailoring for staff requiring an exact fit.

To ensure the best fit sizes were allocated to all staff, we held fitting and measurement session across the week. At such sessions, the staff were gathered where they could test try the uniform sizes and select their preferred, and best fit sizing.

Such is the service that we provide as a uniform provider. More than just a manufacturing house, we place emphasize on actual good fit for produced uniforms. This is because we take pride in our work, and we know the importance of a well fitted uniform transforms the staff, lifting up corporate image across front counters.

With over thirty years of experience in uniform wear, you can place your trust in us to produce the best signature look and fit for your company.

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