Vertical Issue

Don’t strip the stripes
fashion trends vertical prints stripes
Credit: Images from Pinterest

Stripes – Love them, hate them, they’re crossing paths in fashion every now and then, continuity everlasting.

Stripes fashion reference for uniform workwear
Credit: Images from Pinterest. 

Still, what is there to not love about them? Fit for the horizontally challenged, yet challenging for the aesthetically challenged. Then again, tastes are subjective, aren’t they? With that announcement, all rules can be willfully ignored and thrown out the window just as one throws on a mix mesh of lines in all colours of the rainbow. But hey, in this century where individualism cries out more than ever before, what’s stopping one from attempting to stop traffic and turn heads?

fashion stripes dress reference
Credit: Inspiration Images from Pinterest. 

There’s nothing more liberating and empowering donning them lines that gives that illusion of extra height. Wear them relaxed and slouchy, or fitted and sharp, there’s plenty of sass to go around. It adds personality to an otherwise plain garment, and it’s really all the accessory you need to attain that effortless summer flair.

style inspiration stripes and vertical lines
Credit: Inspiration Images from Pinterest. 

Afraid it’d look too much like your pajamas? Well, good thing trends are a constant movement of irony and contradiction that sides with that right now. It’s all the more reason to go bananas over a look that’s super chill and snooze friendly-ready.

style stripes fashion inspiration
Credit: Inspiration Images from Pinterest. 

So take the chance, it’s now or never, before the wave moves on without you. Don’t strip it off and give it a miss without even trying. Just try it.