Spirited Nature

Workwear in natural chic
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Credit: Images from Pinterest

Spirited Nature – Where Mother Nature speaks in between the concrete jungle.

For those branding designated to align with Eco, and flora and Fauna. Where you run with nature, within lush havens hidden amongst the urban landscape.

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Credit: Images from Pinterest. 

Summer and early fall – the air thrums in excitement over new trends – fashion that we can take a leaf out of and casually slip corporate wear amongst its racks.

Touting freedom, free spirit and natural decadence that is simplified to the timeless and elegant Prairie dress. A nod to Mother Nature, you’ll find her prints flowing over the fabric, in a fresh sprinkling of poppies, leaves, wines, dancing in pleasant soothing colours like an everlasting summer solstice.

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Credit: Inspiration Images from Pinterest. Design illustrations by Modoleen.

The frocks come in modest lengths from tea to maxi, suitable for semi-formal functions and speaks an elegant tone. Just imagine, billowing skirts, an amicable colour palette and serving Sunday cocktails and brunch for an event, alongside that seaside club or on a relaxing villa.

If nature is your course, there is no better style.

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Credit: Inspiration Images from Pinterest. Design illustrations by Modoleen.