Bold Emblazons

For the brave and stylish
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All that is bold, all that pops, all that catches attention and adds character to an otherwise plain Jane wardrobe.

We’re talking sequins, fancy decorations or embroidery pieces splashed across outfits. Sounds like a toddler playing around the design floor, or a drunk night spent painting the studio red rather than out about town. In reality, the deliberate hand at play is more challenging than a chess competition between human and AI.

The strategy of embellishment placement is a science only the genius can gamble on and succeed in. Too much, too careless, and it becomes a riot of a mess. And there’s no guidebook to this either. The theory of style and beauty is alas, not affixed to the famous Golden Ratio as coined by Da Vinci.

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One can only bank on their self-confidence and keen eye for aesthetics when pinning the embellishment pieces on the garments. Like fitting invisible jigsaw puzzles upon the board, designers have work at it till the pieces click, becoming a masterpiece that commands attention and steals breath.

From suits to play-suits, blousons and dresses – embellishments can be strewn anywhere to a star-studded effect that incites hearts and excitement. The faint hearted however, may shy from it, and indeed their apprehension is well founded. After all, there’s no science, no rationale behind the love for embellishment, just that age-old classic that it’s love at first sight.

One can argue that even if one doesn’t don it, doesn’t mean that they don’t fancy it. It just takes a certain amount of finesse and flair in character and mindset, to take on the bold challenge of strutting in the glitz and glam like a superstar.

Otherwise, if one isn’t feeling quite up to par, a smaller undertaking can be done with a simpler embellishment. Though modest, it pops just that little bit to bring that much needed shine, and suggests a brilliant person stands within that simple, statement piece.

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