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The sky’s the limit
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The sky’s the limit.

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Credit: Images from Pinterest. 

That’s the belief we hark with our skyscrapers. From New York to Dubai, glittering structures of glass and steel stands like a pinnacle reaching for the heavens, and that structural ingenuity doesn’t stop itself in the battle against gravity.

Try wrapping geometric shapes around a curved form – it’s a noteworthy challenge for designers with a larger than life ambition. Faceted panes and boning surrounds the human form in a surreal tangle that challenges the very notion of design construction.

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Credit: Inspiration Images from Pinterest. 

As mind-boggling as it appears, the very appearance of sci-fi fantasy entering realism is an allure at the same time. It’s an imagination come true for sci-fi geeks, igniting that tiny shiver of hope that we may all one day strut the streets like an Outer-space imperial.

It’s a confession that not just any daring fashionista dare to make, or don. All said and done, whilst illogically gorgeous and irrationally breath-taking, it’s an inorganic marriage not for the faint of heart.

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Credit: Inspiration Images from Pinterest.