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The Global Pandemic

When Covid-19 hit Wuhan, China in November 2019, no one could have predicted that the then unidentified virus would be a new strain of Coronavirus with far reaching effects more devastating than the 2003 SARS outbreak.

Credit : Global News

Originally reported looking less severe and deadly, some have even brushed it off as ‘just a flu’.

But as infection cases swell and fatality cases rise at alarming rates that set many experts teetered to the edge of their toes, it’s not any dramatization to liken the statistics crashing down like a hard hit Tsunami.

Because even though it is less severe than severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars), it is far more infectious. The disease has spread at a rate that forces lockdown across the globe, forcing work and livelihood to a standstill.

Arguments about the mortality rate are convoluted with different methods of calculation, and the challenge and inaccuracy in obtaining full data, since many infections remain undetected.

Death rates are namely calculated by two methods:

Case Fatality Rate (CFR) – the number of deaths divided by the number of known infections.

The Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) – the number of deaths divided by the true number of infections (including both confirmed and undiagnosed cases). This statistic is harder to calculate, as it requires estimating the number of undetected infections.

(Resource from the conversation)

Figures are also affected by a country’s or an area’s general demographics. Like ageing populations, and healthcare infrastructure. Countries ill equipped with tackling the crisis will result in higher projected death rates, as with places with older population. How fast one can get access to the right healthcare facilities will also affect the stats.

In fact, numbers obtained vary widely between countries, from 0.2% in Germany to 7.7% in Italy.

(Resource from biospectrumasia)

CFR and IFR aside, the glaring fact remains that the death toll has already by far and well exceeded that of the 2003 SARS and 2009 Swine flu (H1N1).

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One would dare say the lack of preparation propelled the virus to its large infection numbers. After all, early on, when China orders lockdown for an entire city, races to build a hospital in ten days, and reports figures soaring like there was no limit, the rest of the world watched on, closing its doors to potential infection carriers from the country, assured that was all that was needed to keep their residents safe.

No one was none the wiser that the highly infectious coronavirus has already piggybacked its way across borders, way before the travel ban was enforced.

When the tide finally came crashing in, many were ill equipment to deal with the strangling demand for medical resources. Hospitals were flooded. Mad scrambles for Covid detection kits began. Hunting for masks and sanitizers were prevalent everywhere. Supermarkets were cleared of shelves as people rushed to stock up in preparation for something like a zombie apocalypse.

Even fighting, over toilet paper.

Governments world over were forced to lock down. Risking economic back slide, risking a standstill, swarmed with varying levels of dissents over the ‘Social distancing order’. Drastic action was an absolute necessity.

Such measures have been successful, methods somewhat encouraging.

However, whilst China had seen success in their draconian lock down measures, they were nary able to take a breather for barely a month when their cases started rising sharply again.

In fact, Coronavirus flare-ups in China and also South Korea, prompt new fears of a 2nd wave.

This forces some countries to rethink their plan of lifting lock down.

“….second wave of coronavirus infections has started emerging in several countries that have eased their lockdowns…”

From the straits times

The hard truths are plain to see, and hard to swallow. Yet persevere we must. Life cannot come to an indefinite standstill.

Essential services need support and resources from many facets. Varying industries and professions are on the whole, interdependent and linked to one another, as clogs in a wheel. So saying that, one cannot stay lock up forever.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) and experts have issued statements that Covid-19 would stay with us for an indefinite time – they too cannot be sure when the crisis would be over. It is a tough battle to defeat after all.

So moving on, many measures must be carried on to reduce the spread of the invisible virus. Particularly so since carriers could be asymptomatic. Masks and frequent hand washing, or sanitizing will be the three daily Dos. It will be the daily routine for us.

But it is not enough.

Keeping a moderate distance and limiting interactions with one another is still necessary. And so are frequent sanitization exercises. And at places and situations where social distancing cannot be avoided, disinfection chambers can be placed as a safeguard to eliminate the bacteria and viruses that could have clung onto a person.

Whilst the disinfectant is no vaccine, it works the same way as a sanitizer that kills bacteria and viruses exposed to it.

It improves overall cleanliness of an individual, promoting overall health. Most importantly, it destroys the membrane of the Corona virus and kills it before it could enter our system and wreak havoc.

Countries around the world have already begun using such a system, following after China where it was the first country to launch it.

The disinfection technology is also now available in Singapore, brought to you by Modoleen.

Health and safety is at the forefront of our beliefs, as we play our part in tackling the Covid-19. More info can be browsed here.

Since 2019 year end, the pandemic of Covid-19  has continued to impact us through this 2020. It pays to be safe in this current climate as virus slowdown has proven challenging.

More measures should be taken as operations and livelihoods gradually resumes post-Circuit Breaker.

Modoleen Disinfection Station is a smart technology system innovated to be used in these challenging times. It is an effective automatic disinfection device to place at any point of entry in various settings.

A walk through disinfection station where upon entering, motion sensors will automatically activate a full body 360° coverage of effective disinfectant mist on the individual.

The Disinfection Chamber provides an effective and efficient 7 to 10 seconds disinfection for individuals passing through.

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