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Covid-19 Statistical Data and news

  • Global resource net for reported Cases and Deaths by Country, Territory, or Conveyance. Live Data collected into clear figures and Coronavirus Worldwide Graphs all consolidated all into worldometers.
  • Another great cohesive data collection resource on Covid-19 stats with graphs and charts from worldindata.
  • Specifically for COVID-19 Virus Outbreak in Singapore. A great website with full details of figures. Listed by Total Covid cases in Singapore, active covid cases Singapore, discharged and deceased.Full analytics in table, pie charts and graphs, listing all sources of Covid-19 infection and known clusters. Confirmed cases also organized by Nationality, age and gender distribution.
  • Full resource of Covid-19 Cases, Data, and Surveillance in the United States. From CDC. Some of the data info covered includes:
  1. weekly lab-confirmed Covid-19 hospitalizations, risk fastors and outcomes
  2. Reports on current use and availability of hospital beds and mechanical ventilators, healthcare worker staffing and PPE supplies.
  3. Daily confirmed and probable COvid-19 infections and deaths in the U.S.
  4. Provisional death counts for covid-10 and pneumonia based on death certificates.
  • Number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases worldwide by country from statista 
Statistic: Number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases worldwide as of May 18, 2020, by country | Statista
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